• Alifia Darmayanti
  • Yohannes Sardjono Indonesian Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) Jalan Babarsari No. 21 Kotak Pos 6101 ykbb Yogyakarta, 55281, Indonesia
  • Sri Yuniarti Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Institute Technology of Yogyakarta, Indonesia Jl. Janti Km. 4 Gedongkuning, Bantul, Yogyakarta
Keywords: Oil and Gas Industry, Treatment, Aqueous Waste, Organic Liquid Waste, Solid Waste


The increase of energy needs leads to the increase of oil and gas industry in Indonesia. Along with this, a good understanding about the application of radioactive materials, the treatment of radioactive waste and its disposal is needed. It is important because nowadays the radiation-based technologies are widely used by oil and gas industry, and a good understanding of the mentioned points will enable us to provide better and improved treatment as we strive to achieve clean technology. The uses of radioactive materials in the oil and gas industry are in exploration, producing, refineries, inspection of facilities, laboratories, and industrial security. The treatment of radioactive waste from oil and gas industry are divided into aqueous waste treatment, organic liquid waste treatment, and solid waste treatment.


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