Pelatihan Perancangan Pembelajaran Inovatif dan Asesmen Berbasis Dalam Jaringan (Daring) terhadap Guru Lingkup Yayasan PPKS Surakarta

  • Risya Pramana Situmorang Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana
Keywords: Online, digital learning, innovative, assessment


The digital-based learning by using the internet can be a solution that applicable to build learning interactions between teachers and students during the Covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of this community service activity (PkM) is to assist teachers from PPKS Foundation to design innovative learning and courage-based assessments. This activity was used an active learning approach that directed each participant to contribute actively in designing learning tools. The data technique used a questionnaire, interviews, and lesson plan as supporting document. The results showed that junior high school teachers contribute high participation in designing an online lesson plan, while vocational teachers had a higher variety about using digital devices in other to online platforms. Priority recommendations in PkM activities were that there was a need for an assessment of cognitive and motoric skill evaluation reviewed from another level, starting from kindergarten to vocational school, training for learning tools by colleagues, and support for novice teachers that need to be done through sharing knowledge with teachers who already have a lot of experience.


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