Perempuan dan Politik Hermeneutik Alkitab dari perspektif Feminis

  • Asnath Niwa Natar


Issues about women’s leadership in society (politic) and church are still actual, especially in related with PEMILU in 2014. Women are still limited or not given chance to be a leader because of their feminity. One of the causes is the church’s doctrine, as a result from the bias interpretation of the bible. In related with this, it is important to recontruct our interpretation to see the potents of the women, especially in leadership. Revision and liberation hermeneutic can make the role and position of women visible. Here I want to discuss about the leadership of Debora and Yael, to show how women have and play the political and religious power to save their nation from enemy.

Keywords : Feminist, Leadership, Women, Masculine, Power, Hermeneutic


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