Peran Politis Agama dalam Konteks Indonesia yang Plural “Aspirasi atau Inspirasi”

  • Agus Supratikno Fakultas Teologi Universitas Kisten Satya Wacana
Keywords: Indonesia, Religion, Political, Aspiration, Inspiration, Thick, Thin, Plural


The violence on behalf of the religion continue to occure in this beloved land of Indonesia. Since of the Bali bombing, the Marriott bombing, the conflict in Ambon, Maluku, Poso, the burning of a mosque in Papua and the latest event of burning several churches in Aceh. Thousands of people were injured, and hundreds of lives lost, become victims of the events of the violent tragedy. The violence, leaving trauma, fear and psychological disorders that are not easy to cure. Why 'religion' seems to be something inseparable with violence. Why religion is considered as an holy entity became the foundation for doing acts of violence and even loss of the lives of others. Is there anything wrong in the way we embodies religious life? How the role of religion which is more appropriate in the Indonesia context ? Based on the reflection, the writer try to dig, lift and try to compare two political role of religion: “the aspiration and inspiration”, and which one is more appropriate to the context of Indonesia and certainly more guarantee for a peaceful, just and prosperous for all Indonesian citizens.


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