KKN dan Upaya Penanganannya Sebuah Kajian Kultural-Religius

  • Ebenhaizer I Nuban Timo Program Studi Ilmu Teologi Fakultas Teologi Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana


This paper deals with Corruption, Collution and Nepotism which become very deteriorate habits in many developing countries in Asia, especially Indonesia. It shows various negative effects of corruption for building a community of peace and justice for all. Within this paper, the author also tries to make some remarks about the reasons why corruption is practiced by many people eventhough they are aware of its destructive impacts.  Among the reasons mentioned in this paper, the author makes a long explanation on sociological and theological reasons. Question as to how to get rid of a society from corruption, collution and nepotism forms an important part of this paper. The author argues that these deteriorate habits can not be totally eliminated. It can only be reduced. Education, according to the author, plays a substansial role in reducing these problems.

Keyword: Corruption, Collution and Nepotism


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