Agile Methodology: Solution to Unravel Complexities in the Implementation of ERP System

  • Santo Fernandi Wijaya Binus University
Keywords: Methodology, agile, implementation, ERP system


Improving productivity is a demand for the industry in order to enhance competitive advantage, especially in the manufacturing industry. For that, the industry is required to make a breakthrough in order to improve organizational performance, such as addressing the inefficiencies in managing business processes, so as to improve the way work becomes more effective and efficient. One of the efforts in improving the performance is the development in the field of Information Communication Technology (ICT), the development of technology as an effort to improve the agility of the organization. ERP system is one solution that can be employed in order to improve company performance. However, in reality, industrial companies face the complexity of implementing ERP systems. This is a challenge, that is how effective for a company in order to solve the complexity of implementing an ERP system for an industry?. In this opportunity, researchers intend to conduct a research to identify the complexity of factors in the ERP implementation, namely by proposing agile methods as one of the new methodologies in the effort to solve the complexity in the ERP implementation for an industry. The results of this study will result in an agile modeling of ERP systems, which is expected to solve the complexity of implementation and improve the capacity of ERP systems for an Industry.


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