Perkembangan Emosi Pada Anak Remaja


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Emotion, Teens


Adolescence is often referred to as an unstable period. Where at that time teenagers were often involved
in various problems. And he will have difficulty in overcoming the problem. On
At that time, teenagers will find it difficult to determine between right and wrong, they tend to be easy
influenced by friends and the environment. Positive emotions will lead teens to positive behavior
But negative emotions will trigger various problems. Hence the formation of
emotional maturity, as well as support and guidance as well as attention from parents, educators and
environment is very important. Understanding adolescents and their emotional development is important
in order to help develop the potential that exists in adolescents as well as looking for problem solving that
The purpose of this study is to determine the emotional development that occurs
in adolescents and to reveal a picture of students' emotional maturity in dealing with
problem..The research method used is descriptive qualitative method with the subject
research, namely students. The data collection tools used by the author are observation, interviews
and documentation. The results of the study indicate the development and maturity of emotions that
good for teenagers. Teenagers are able to manage their emotions well and are able to express them
at the right time and place.


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