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Author Guidelines


Format Writing Social Research Journal article CAKRAWALA

Journal Cakrawala is a journal in the (research) social sciences, Cakrawala received a scientific article research results, which of course should be based on the results of research that explores the importance, benefits and research purposes. In addition the article also contains a critical examination of the results or the actual social research. The article will be published, can also express critical reflection and thorough results regarding a theory, research methods, or the results of social research.

The guidelines for writing journal Social Research Horizons is as follows:

  1. Title Loading precisely the issues addressed. Can also be written with provocative. (Capital Letters, Bold, Font Cambria 12).
  2. Writer's name. Accompanied by a footnote on the author information and current activities. If the research is supported by an institution, could also be included in a footnote. (Bold, Font Times New Roman 11)
  3. Abstract. Delivering explicitly issues and objectives, methodology, and results of research. Totaling about 250-350 words. (Bold, Font Cambria 10, Space 1)
  4. Keywords. Keywords minimum 4 words (Bold, Font Cambria 10). 
  5. Introduction section. Loading description of the research problem, research objectives, the essence of literature review, approaches and problems faced.
  6. Method. States clearly the method used, either in relation to the principal decisions and technical decisions, such as location and time of the study, the type of research, determination and resources unit of analysis, sampling methods, ways of analysis and discussion, as well as the problems faced.
  7. Result. Suggests research results effectively. The interpretation of charts, graphs, and diagrams clearly disampaiakan and communicative.
  8. Discussion. The author outlines his research in a logical and interpret research findings based on theories related. Authors are expected to be able to put forward the argument that a fundamental and critical review the results of his research. Identify problems / issues that arise as a consequence of research as well as the possibility of solving both theoretical and practical.
  9. Cover. Contains conclusions and recommendations in accordance with the objectives and research findings.
  10. Bibliography. Contains the name of authors and titles of books, magazines, and secondary data sources referenced in the writing of this article.

Each year the Horizon journal will be published as many as two (2) times, namely in June and November. The dateline is received no later than two months prior to the Editor at the time of publication. Long article about 15-25 pages B5 (Size JIS B5) with paragraph 1.5. The font used is Cambria with Font Size 11. Submitted form of electronic files / soft file to the e-mail address or the sender's contact list (Name, Institution, Address, Telephone Number , E-mail), with Subject email: Journal Cakrawala

Accepted articles will be sent a letter of acceptance of the journal to the sender, and 2 copies of the print version of the journal.

More specific questions can be addressed to:

Redaksi Majalah Penelitian Sosial Cakrawala

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Komunikasi, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Salatiga

Jl Diponegoro 52-60 Salatiga.

Email: or



                                                                                                                          INSTRUKSI UNTUK PENULIS


1. Tujuan
Tujuan diterbitkannya Jurnal Penelitian Sosial Cakrawala antara lain:
1. Mendesiminasikan hasil-hasil dan proses penelitian sosial
2. Mengembangkan pemikiran kritis tentang hasil dan proses penelitian yang aktual
3. Membangun wacana dan analisa kritis mengenai pengembangan sosial ekonomi, sosial budaya, dan sosial politik dari suatu penelitian sosial yang sedang aktual.

2. Format Penulisan Artikel Jurnal Penelitian Sosial CAKRAWAL
• Judul. Memuat dengan tepat isu yang dibahas. Bisa juga ditulis dengan provokatif. (Huruf Besar semua, Bold, Font Cambria 12).
• Nama Penulis. Disertai dengan catatan kaki mengenai keterangan penulis dan aktivitasnya saat ini. Apabila penelitian tersebut didukung oleh suatu lembaga, bisa juga dicantumkan di catatan kaki. (Bold, Font Times New Roman 11).
• Abstrak. Menyampaikan secara eksplisit masalah dan tujuan, metodologi, serta hasil penelitian. Berjumlah sekitar 250-350 kata. (Bold, Font Cambria 10, Spasi 1).
• Keywords. Keywords ditulis minimal 4 kata. (Bold, Font Cambria 10).
• Bagian Pendahuluan. Memuat gambaran permasalahan penelitian, tujuan penelitian, intisari kajian pustaka, pendekatan, dan permasalahan yang dihadapi.
• Metode. Memuat secara jelas metode yang digunakan, baik menyangkut keputusan prinsipiil dan keputusan teknis, seperti lokasi dan waktu penelitian, jenis penelitian, penentuan unit analisa dan sumber informasi, sampling method, cara analisa dan pembahasan, serta permasalahan yang dihadapi.
• Hasil Penelitian. Mengemukakan hasil penelitian secara efektif. Interpretasi terhadap tabel, grafik, dan diagram disampaiakan secara jelas dan komunikatif.
• Pembahasan. Penulis menguraikan penelitiannya secara logis dan menginterpretasikan temuan penelitian berdasarkan teori yang terkait. Penulis diharapkan akan mampu mengemukakan argumentasi yang mendasar dan kritis di dalam mengulas hasil penelitiannya. Mengidentifikasi permasalahan/isu yang timbul sebagai konsekuensi penelitiannya serta kemungkinan pemecahan baik yang bersifat teoritis maupun praktis.
• Penutup. Memuat kesimpulan dan saran yang sesuai dengan tujuan dan temuan penelitian.
• Daftar Pustaka. Memuat semua nama pengarang, dan judul buku, majalah, ataupun sumber data sekunder yang dijadikan acuan dalam penulisan artikel ini.

3. Waktu Penulisan dan Alamat Redaksi
Penulisan artikel jurnal Cakrawala ini paling lambat diterima Redaksi pada dua bulan sebelum saat terbit. Panjang tulisan sekitar 15 – 25 halaman berukuran kertas B5 (SIZE JIS B5) dengan spasi 1,5 paragraf, Font Cambria 11. Dikirimkan berupa file elektronik ke: (harus mendaftar atau Register dahulu, baru Log In)

Redaksi Majalah Penelitian Sosial Cakrawala
Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Komunikasi,
Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana - Salatiga.
Jl Diponegoro 52-60 Salatiga. Email: atau atau




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