Globalisasi dan Kearifan Local (Menyikapi Globalisasi, Refleksi Terhadap komunitas Pattuvam Panchayat di India)

  • - Retnowati Fakultas Teologi Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana


Globalization as both historical process and economic project gives impact toward human’s social structure and welfare. Some positive impacts of globalization are information that can be accessed quickly, massively and economically as well as global communication and transaction network that links human’s life. On the other hand, the negative impacts are social, cultural, religious political, and busines competation as well as environmental damage because of excessive exploitation and exploration over natural resources.
Vandana Shiva stated that globalization is a form of coercion of one culture over another culture (not a form of interaction among cultures). India’s critical attitude toward globalization is manifested in Pattuvam Panchayat Community. This is very active alternative community in addressing and criticizing globalization along with its impact throught some movements such as developing its diversity of life-the state /govermment is not allowed to use life’s diversity Pattuvam Panchayat Community. With natural seeds, the proclaims itself as free from chemicals through the practice of “free” farming. The firmily say to “no” to piracy – Gandhi called this as: SATYAGRAHA, struggle for truth.

The impact of globalization for the life of India community pioneered by Vandana Shiva teaches the importance of learning from local community wisdom when dealing with globalization strike.

Keyword: Globalization, local community, living seeds


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