Gereja dalam Konteks Relasi Negara dan Masyarakat (Sebuah Upaya Memahami Reposisi Peran Politis Gereja)

  • Ronald Helweldery Fakultas Teologi Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana


The church is an integral part of social system. Especially in the urban society, the church is very closed to the power groups people and political parties. It means that the church has access to involve in political sphere and have lot of chances to play an important role in decision making process. But such chance are sometime set said by the church. As the consequence, the church loses its important role in politics. This article calls the church to take heed at this forgotten opportunity. The author employs Habermas theory of public sphere and civil society to help the church reconstitutes its role in the public sphere.

Keyword: Church, Public Character, Public Sphere and Civil Society


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