MATINYA MESIN PARTAI POLITIK (Studi Kasus Pencalonan Syahri Mulyo dalam Pilkada Kabupaten Tulungagung 2013)

  • Putri Hergianasari


Effective political mobilization in the elections able to overcome various obstacles, so that
the candidates can campaign more effectively in order to achieve the award. Because of
the fierce competition, each candidate would increasingly need the right strategy, which
can better ensure effectiveness and efficiency. This study chose Tulungagung election as a
test site, with a couple SAHTO study subjects (Syahri Mulyo-Maryoto Bhirowo). Syahri
Mulyo is one of eight cadres PDIP candidates in this election, but his appearance
Tulungagung seen as an achievement in the history of election battle Tulungagung PDIP
which is a mass base. This is due to socio-cultural background of the people who
mataraman of Tulungagung tend nationalis and abangan.
Interestingly, Syahri Mulyo escaped the verification and win despite not being carried
from the PDIP is a strong party in Tulungagung and precisely in the stretcher by PKNU.
Because private network that is rooted candidates strong one is botoh networking which
are relatives. The networks are not acquired overnight, but has been through a long
process that is relational relationships with constituents at the time long before the
campaign period.
This gives a reference, that the non-party approach can be made effective and
appropriate for the area and know the local culture and the role of institutional
approach was replaced by a weaker party the role of non-electoral party.
Keywords: Political Mobilization, Elections, Non Party Approach, Networks


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Author Biography

Putri Hergianasari

Staf pengajar Prodi Hubungan Internasional Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Komunikasi,
Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana

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