AIN NI AIN: Kajian Sosio-Kultural Masyarakat Kei Tentang Konsep Hidup Bersama Dalam Perbedaan

Elly Esra Kudubun


Ain Ni Ain philosophy that symbolized as "fish" and " Bird" means eventhough the people
of Kei have classified into various groups, the classification according by the power
interest and regional, as well as the interests of level, and religion, but they are one in a
power- kinship.
Even fish comes from a small community though, it still able to adapt to the other fish
around. It's a sign that, Kei people is easy to unite and to mingle with others in self
confidence. Also the egg-laying birds as a symbol of unextinction people in Kei Islands
who will always have their descendant to inherit all the ancestral deal about Ain ni Ain
contained in Customary Law Larvul Ngabal. That's the “fabric of society”of Kei Islands.
Keywords: Ain ni Ain, Kinship, Plurality Value, Structural, Functional, Society, Kei-Evav

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