Algoritma Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) untuk Pemilihan Jalur Tercepat Evakuasi Bencana Gunung Lokon Sulawesi Utara

Johan Reimon Batmetan


As one of the areas located on the ring of fire, North Sulawesi has
a natural disaster threat level is high enough. Mount Lokon, located in the
North Sulawesi region is an active volcano with fairly high seismic activity.
Mount Lokon eruption disaster management such as casualty evacuation
and early warning system towards the arrival of this eruption to be slow.
This is caused by the difficulty of determining the fastest evacuation path
resulting in many casualties. The purpose of this study was to determine
the fastest track in the evacuation of the eruption of Mount Lokon. The
method used is Ant-Colony Optimization is a method in computing, artificial
intelligence and tried as one method of determining the shortest path
effectively. The results obtained from this study is the Ant-Colony
Algorithm method can be used to determine the fastest track in the
evacuation process volcanic eruption where evacuation points and
pathways that must be passed can be determined quickly and effectively
in the evacuation process.

Keyword: the fastest path, evacuation, Ant-colony optimization

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