Analisis Dan Implementasi Server Storage Berbasis Infrastructure as a Service Pada Laboratorium Komputer FTI UKSW Menggunakan EyeOS

Bob Liem Wilopo, Wiwin Sulistyo


Faculty of Information Technology has a server in each laboratory
which has different file stored and located in different location. Storage
system in Faculty of Information Technology Satya Wacana Christian
University labs has a problem, that is needed file sharing that is used on
laboratory which had different location for class purposes. The problem
would be happened that caused long distance and take much time just to
get a file for learning in class. Cloud computing system designed for that
problem, with using proxmox as a virtual manager and EyeOS as cloud
management, this system would solve the data centralization problem
because all of laboratory files and documents for class activity would be
placed into one cloud storage and able to accessed with any communication
media tools. Cloud has a SSL encryption security system so that file
which located on cloud would be secured because it was encrypted.
Final result from this research would obtain a cloud server which used as
centralized storage places and accessible for global or local purposes.

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